What is 360° + 1

Rheem Ingenuity. Innovation... And Then Some. For nearly a century, Rheem has been the industry leader, pioneering numerous industry firsts including smart features that meet the heating, cooling and water heating needs of homeowners and contractors. That’s why we design every new product with the Rheem 360°+1 philosophy. We evaluate every detail from top to bottom, inside and out, and everything in between. We consider the work that goes into installing and servicing our products as well as how we can deliver the best homeowner experience... And then we take it further. That’s 360°+1.

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360° Performance

Whether you speak EFs or SEERs, with every product we design and redesign we set out to improve efficiency to lower operating costs and energy consumption. Performance is not just about the numbers, so we balance these improvements with continuing to include components and design styles that make our products reliable and durable so you can offer worry-free comfort for your customers for years to come. That’s 360° Performance… and then some.

360° Installability

We’re adding a multitude of features to our product line up—some you’d expect, others you wouldn’t. These innovations make installation faster, easier and more cost-effective. In fact, we think this aspect of our products is so important, we coined a new term for it: Installability™

Jeff Haney
Product Manager
Lead product development on new technologies, products and services
to meet Rheem’s customer needs.
What 360°+1 means to me:
The 360 degrees means that Rheem provides products that meet all of consumer’s water heating & air needs. Products are designed and built with consideration to all aspects of Performance, Reliability and Service. The “+1” means that Rheem goes further to show the value of our products to the consumer by integration and communication across our product lines.

360° Serviceability

Thanks to our ongoing dialog with contractors, you’ll be in and out fast on service calls with the serviceability features included in our products. Our diagnostic systems are intelligently designed making problem solving quicker and easier, and our products are designed to make it easy for you to access unit components. This means they work smarter, so you don’t have to work harder.

Shaun Thomas
Tankless Marketing Specialist
Marketing and sales support for tankless water heaters and multi-generational product development for future tankless water heaters
What 360°+1 means to me:
360°+1 means defining and developing tankless water heating solutions for multiple applications, such as domestic water heating and hydronic home heating, the integration of technologies and product harmonies.

360° Integration

At Rheem, we see the power of air and water integration. We’re experts at designing innovative ways to transfer heat. For example, our new Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater uses the power of air to heat water more efficiently.

Rheem integration also means bringing together your customers’ Rheem air and water systems to work together seamlessly and provide higher efficiencies. With our exclusive EcoNet™ technology your customers can save now, and continue to save for years to come with future integration with other Rheem appliances, such as heating and cooling systems, water heaters, pool and spa heaters, and remote access tools. EcoNet™ is also future-compatible with home automation, energy management and demand response systems.

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Yoshiki Semba
Design Engineer
Design and develop new residential products
What 360°+1 means to me:
I see 360°+1 as a panoramic view in both directions: One as a design engineer from the design and development aspect incorporating everyone’s strengths and knowledge, and another from the product aspect to integrate customers and installers needs and requirements. Visibility through all aspects will bring synergy to the company and to the customer.

PlusOne Advantages

Below are a few PlusOne™ features that have resulted from our collaborative 360°+1 design approach:

360° Performance™

PlusOne™ Ignition System on New Rheem 90%+ Gas Furnaces
Direct Spark Ignition for reliability and longevity

PlusOne™ Heat Transfer Technology on the new Prestige™ Series Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater
New wrap around condenser maximizes the transfer of heat with no circulation pump required

PlusOne™ Heat Transfer Technology on the New Prestige™ Series Condensing Power Direct Vent Water Heater
Rheem’s exclusive five coil submerged heat exchanger increases heat transfer and efficiency

360° Installability™

PlusOne™ Venting on the New Prestige™ Series Condensing Power Direct Vent Water Heater
Top venting means there is no need to build a bulky side-riser, plus it vents with low-cost PVC piping, making for a quicker, less expensive installation

PlusOne™ Water Management System on New Rheem 90%+ Gas Furnaces
Featuring our patented Blocked Drain Sensor

360° Serviceability™

PlusOne™ Diagnostics on the Prestige™ Series Tankless Water Heater
Digital display makes servicing easier - shows temperature setting and maintenance codes

PlusOne™ Diagnostics on the new Prestige™ Series Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater
The only full-color, back lit, touch-screen control on the market, providing homeowner service alerts as well as detailed troubleshooting and diagnostic information for the Contractor

360° Integration™

PlusOne™ Communication on the new Prestige™ Series Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater
EcoNet™ system allows for future integration with other Rheem appliances, such as heating and cooling systems, pool and spa heaters, and remote access tools. It is also future-compatible with home automation, energy management and demand response systems.

Within the aspects of 360° Performance™, 360° Installability™, 360° Serviceability™ and 360° Integration™, we challenged ourselves to deliver a 360° product design... And then some. This is a concept we call 360°+1. With every Rheem product development effort, we pay attention to even the smallest details that will make your life that much easier, delivering “PlusOne™” advantages.

PlusOne™ features are unique, proprietary and just smart Rheem innovations designed to make your job easier allowing you to work smarter, not harder. They provide Rheem contractors with unique selling, installation and serviceability advantages while providing homeowners with reliable, trustworthy comfort.


EcoNet™ is a new, innovative user interface that allows monitoring and controlling of Rheem’s air conditioning, heating, water heating and pool heating systems - all from a single access point. The EcoNet™ user interface comes with modern faceplates customized to match any decor. With intuitive, lifestyle-based programming and a 4.7” color touchscreen display, it’s simple for homeowners to program.

Designed through Rheem’s 360º philosophy, the EcoNet™ user interface is loaded with features for installers and service technicians including a simple 3-wire connection which is all that’s needed to connect to most Rheem appliances. And on startup, the EcoNet™ user interface automatically configures connected appliances for optimal performance. Additionally, with features such as one-touch programming pre-sets, intelligent set-back option, continuous fan, dual-fuel capability, monitoring multiple IAQ accessories, and a powerful diagnostics menu, the EcoNet™ user interface provides faster and easier system installation and service.

The Rheem EcoNet™ user interface is compatible with the new Rheem 96% AFUE Variable Speed and 98% AFUE Modulating Gas Furnaces, and the new Rheem Prestige™ Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater. More products coming soon!

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