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Condensing Tankless
Water Heater

Everything You Need To Know... And Then Some.

The Prestige™ Series Tankless water heater is the perfect addition to help round out your water heating offering. We’ve designed it with features that save you time and money on installation and servicing, while meeting homeowner needs for energy efficiency and reclaiming space. Operating at 94% thermal efficiency, it lowers operation costs for the homeowner, resulting in savings between $194-$326 annually.

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360° Performance™

Efficiencies of up to 94% and a stainless steel heat exchanger make the Prestige™ Series Condensing Tankless water heater one of the most reliable, high performance products on the market. Plus, industry-leading activation and minimum flow rates ensure it performs with even the most conservative low-flow fixtures.

  1. 1
    PlusOne™ Heat Transfer Technology – Stainless steel heat exchanger lowers operating costs.
  2. 2
    Efficiency - Operates at 94% thermal efficiency.
  3. 3
    Rheem proprietary Hot Start programming – Cuts down the effect of the “cold water sandwich”.
  4. 4
    Intelligent electronic controls – Designed to increase energy efficiency and safety.
  5. 5
    ENERGY STAR® Rated.
  6. 6
    External Remote Control – Can be mounted anywhere in a home.
  7. 7
    AHRI Certified to have efficiencies (EFs) greater than 0.82.
  8. 8
    Life Expectancy – The national average life expectancy for tankless water heaters is 20 years.
  9. 9
    Freeze Protection to -30°F.
  10. 10
    Exclusive Guardian Overheat Film Wrap.
  11. 11
    12-year Warranty on heat exchanger (residential); 5-year on parts and 1-year on labor.

360° Installability™

Rheem designed the condensing tankless products for quick, easy and cost-effective installation. From accessories that come included with the product to PVC venting, you’ll find a multitude of features that make installation a snap.

  1. 12
    PlusOne™ Venting – Can vent with low-cost PVC piping.
  2. 13
    Compact Size for easy, lower cost installation.
  3. 14
    Built-in Condensate Neutralizer.
  4. 15
    Indoor and Outdoor Models.
  5. 16
    Multi-Unit Capability.

360° Serviceability™

The Prestige™ Series Water Heaters come standard with intelligent controls that increase efficiency, safety and make servicing faster and easier.

  1. 17
    PlusOne™ Diagnostics – Digital display shows temperature setting and maintenance codes.

Product Specifications

Model Number Indoor RTGH-95DVLN
Outdoor RTGH-95XLN
Gas Input BTU/H 11,000 - 199,900 Temperature Range 85° - 140° Minimum Flow/
Activation GPM
GPM @ 77°F Rise Maximum 4.9 GPM @ 45° Rise Maximum 8.4 Maximum GPM 9.5 Water Connection 3/4
Gas Connection 3/4 Height 27 1/2" Width 18 1/2" Depth 9 3/4"
Vent Diameter Indoor 2" or 3" PVC 2-Pipe
Outdoor N/A
Shipping Weight (lb) 82 Energy Factor .94 % of Thermal Efficiency 94%
Average Annual
Operating Cost
Natural Gas $194
Liquid Propane $326
EcoNet Capability N/A

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